• AFTER you receive your NFA Firearms Trust

    You received your gun trust document. Now what?

    This is really a very easy process that our many thousands of customers have done many times. No need to be intimidated, we’ll walk you through it.

    You just received your gun trust (and related documents and instructions) via email. Here are the next steps:

    Step 1: Execute your new Trust. All trustees must sign it in front of two witnesses and a notary. The witnesses cannot be members of the trust.

    a. To do this, print your new NFA Firearms Trust document. With the other trustees, go somewhere that provides notary services. Call ahead to make sure they can also provide the 2 witnesses.

    Note: If your other Trustees cannot come with you (they live far away, etc.), no problem. Just email us and we’ll modify the signature pages so they can go separately.

    b. Sign your NFA Firearms Trust in front of the notary and the witnesses.

    c. Have the other trustees do the same.

    d. Have the witnesses sign where indicated, and have the notary notarize where indicated.

    Now you have a fully executed Gun Trust.  You are good to go!

    Step 2: Make a copy of your fully executed Trust and keep the original in a safe place where you keep your other important papers.

    Step 3: Go to your FFL dealer to make your purchase. Bring the copy.

    Your FFL dealer will use the name of your NFA Firearms Trust as the “buyer” when filling out the paperwork, including the BATFE’s Form 4 Application.

    The dealer will submit the completed Form 4, with the $200 transfer tax, and a copy of your NFA Firearms Trust to the BATFE for approval.

    The BATFE usually takes 4-8 weeks to approve, but your NFA Dealer can give you the most current estimate based on his experience in your state, as it varies depending on where you are.

    When the BATFE approves, then you can go back and pick up your purchase from the dealer.

    Finally, we recommend that you always keep a copy of the NFA Trust and the original of the tax stamp with the NFA devise. Then if anyone ever questions you (at a range, etc.), you will have all your paperwork with you and in order.

    This is really a very easy process that our many thousands of customers have done many times.


    Ready to get started? Start Here.

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