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Warnings / Disclaimers:

This website is not a substitute for legal advice.  This website is not legal advice.  Nothing on this website creates an attorney-client privilege. If you have any hesitation, or do not know how you should answer a question, you should contact an attorney in your state.

While this website and this form was created by lawyers, this website sells a form that you populate with your information. While we provide general information and instructions, it is ultimately up to you to determine how to comply with your state’s laws and your situation. Your state’s laws may deviate from the information we provide.  If you have questions about the laws governing your situation, either consult a lawyer in your state or use this website.


After you click “Continue,” you’ll be asked a series of questions. All of these questions are extremely important, so you must type carefully. We recommend first you gather what you’ll need, by looking at the list below. You should at least prepare a mental list of answers before continuing.

After imputing the information, you’ll be taken to payment. After payment, you’ll receive the trust we create for you via email. This Gun Trust costs only $134.00 $99.00 for a limited time.

Since it will be created automatically, if there are any problems we’d be happy to fix them. The email will contain information about how to contact us.

Then you must get all trustees (including grantor) to sign it before a notary.  The email sending your trust will provide detailed and further instructions in this regard. After completing the Trust document, your Class III Dealer can help the newly formed Trust purchase Title II firearms. We provide instructions for this as well along with your trust document.

What you will be required to provide:

  • Contact information, so we can email you your documents and contact you if necessary.
  • Your State.
  • Your County (or Parish or Borough, if applicable.)
  • Full legal names of all parties to the Trust. (See definition section, below.)

Optional things to provide:

  • Some people wish to put non-NFA firearms into their gun trust upon forming the trust.  If you wish to do this, then you must provide Manufacture, Model and Serial number for all firearms you wish to put into the trust. This is not the same as the Title II Firearms the Trust may later purchase later from a Class III dealer. (i.e. if you the only reason you are setting up a gun trust is to bypass the CLEO signature and fingerprint requirements on the Form 4- then DO NOT LIST the item you intend to here.)
  • Descriptions of other property to be put into the trust.


  • Trust:  A trust is a relationship whereby property (real or personal, tangible or intangible) is held by one party for the benefit of another.
  • Grantor: This is the person, or entity, who owned the property before giving it to the trust.
  • Trustee:  In its broadest sense, this can refer to any person who holds property, authority, or a position of trust or responsibility for the benefit of another. This website will automatically make the Grantor a Trustee. You may select other people to be trustees as well. These people will have the same rights as you to control the assets of the trust.  When selecting trustees, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself who have you given access to your gun safe, and who is allowed to use your firearms outside your presence? Because the Grantor will automatically be a trustee, this section is optional. You can always amend a trust to add trustees.
  • Beneficiary:  This is the person or persons who are entitled to the benefit of any trust arrangement. The grantor cannot be a beneficiary. To guide your decision in picking a beneficiary, ask yourself who you would like to receive the assets in the trust after you die.

Binding Contract:

This trust document is the result of many hours of lawyer’s work. It is protected by U.S. Copyright law. Willful infringement creates liability of up to $150,000 + attorney’s fee for each violation. 

The trust document which you will create on this website is copyrighted and any unauthorized use will be prosecuted. You may use it to set up your trust. You may not: share the document with anyone not party to the trust; post it on the internet; use the language to create another trust; help others use the language to create another trust. There are visible watermarks as well as digital watermarks on the document that will be uniquely generated specifically for you so we can identify you if you break this agreement.

By purchasing one of our trusts, you agree to these terms. 


This Trust Document is only $134.00 $99.00 for a limited time.  





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