Benefits of an NFA Trust

What is an NFA Firearms Trust?

A NFA Firearms Trust is a unique legal instrument that helps deal with the issues that can arise with the sale, purchase, and ownership of Title II firearms. (Including short-barrel rifles and shotguns, machine guns, and silencers.) These are also referred to as Gun Trusts, Firearms Trusts, or Firearms Revocable Trusts.

A Trust, generally, is a legal relationship whereby property is held by one person for the benefit of another. NFA Firearms Trusts are specifically tailored to deal with the fact that the property can be firearms. The Trust itself is the entity that ‘owns’ the property in trust. While something similar can be achieved with LLCs or Corporations, Trusts are preferred because those business entities have annual tax and other reporting requirements. This is not only expensive, but provides less privacy. Further, since there are more reporting requirements, there is more of a risk of mis-reporting, which could lead to severe criminal penalties.

Benefits of an NFA Firearms Trust

The main benefit of an NFA Firearms Trust is the same as any trust – to ensure your property is protected in a manner you choose – not in the manner a court system later chooses after your death.

Further, using a Gun Trust to purchase Title II firearms can streamline and expedite the process. One must purchase such firearms through a dealer, and must complete the ATF Form 4. The Form 4 is how the ATF grants permission for the transfer of the firearm from the dealer to you. Without a gun trust, you will be the only person lawfully able to possess the firearm. With a gun trust, all trustees will be able to possess the firearm lawfully. (Except where the trustee would be otherwise prohibited from possessing the firearm.)

As such, the NFA gun trust can authorize several other people to be users of your Title II firearms without violating the law. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you only authorize those who you trust with the keys to your gun safe.

Why us?

This website allows you to create a gun trust at your own direction. It is easy and fast, and costs only $134.00 $99.00.  Other trust forms are not designed for the unique challenges imposed by the main assets being firearms.

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