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For an idea of what our trust form contains, here is a summary of each paragraph of our Trust. This is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.


Our whole document is nine (9) pages long. This is just a very abbreviated and simple summary so you can see if this is right for you. 

Introductory paragraphs: Identifies the jurisdiction, date and parties. Lists the grantor trustees and beneficiaries.

Paragraph 1: Declares the trust and gives it a name.

Paragraph 2: Reserves some rights of the grantor to revoke or amend.

Paragraph 3: Spendthrift Provisions.

Paragraph 4: Gives the Grantor the right to add additional assets to the trust.

Paragraph 5: Describes how income (if any) shall be distributed to parties.

Paragraph 5(a): States that all income from trust shall be paid to grantor as long as grantor is living.

Paragraph Paragraph 5(b): Provides for how distributions shall occur after the death of the grantor.

Paragraph 5 (c): States Trustee shall have power to encroach upon the corpus of this trust.

Paragraph 5 (d): Provides instruction for the distribution to minors.

Paragraph 5 (e): Provides instruction for the per Stirpes distributions to beneficiaries.

Paragraph 5 (f): States property distribution if there are no beneficiaries.

Paragraph 6: Describes the administration of the trust and responsibilities of the Trustees.

Paragraph 7: Provides instruction for terminating the trust.

Paragraph 8: Describes the powers and duties of the Trustees.

Paragraph 8(a): Provides Trustees instruction on holding property conveyed to trust by Grantor.

Paragraph 8(b): States Trustees’ power regarding Sell and Exchange, Lease and Grant Options.

Paragraph 8(c): States Trustees’ power to borrow any existing credit or loans.

Paragraph 8(d): Provides instruction to Trustees regarding the employment of agents, attorneys, brokers and employees.

Paragraph 8(e): Provides instruction to Trustees having power to cast votes.

Paragraph 8(f): Provides instruction for settlement and compromise of disputes.

Paragraph 8(g): Provides instruction for distribution in cash and in kind.

Paragraph 8(h): Provides instruction to Trustees regarding accounting, reporting, inventory and bonds.

Paragraph 8(i): States that there is no liability for Trustees.

Paragraph 9: Provides instruction regarding the incapacity of Grantor or Trustee.

Paragraph 10: Provides instruction for successor Trustees upon the death, incapacity or resignation of any Trustee.

Paragraph 11: States compensation rates of Trustee and schedule of compensation. (Which is later waived by trustees in the Schedule.)

Paragraph 12: States the rights of beneficiaries regarding all property in trust.

Paragraph 13: States the remaining miscellaneous provisions.

Paragraph 13(a): Provides homestead exemption instructions regarding residence and property.

Paragraph 13(b): States if  any provision unenforceable, then remaining provisions stay in effect.

Paragraph 13(c): Describes that this is the Entire Agreement.

Paragraph 13(d): States trust shall be governed by laws of the State and County listed.



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