Georgia’s on our mind.

This website was made by Attorneys in Georgia.

We have created hundreds of Gun Trusts.  Here’s why you can trust us.


The gun trust sold on this site was hand-made in Georgia by attorneys from Atlanta. We are experienced with Trust and Estate issues of all kinds, and have special knowledge when it comes to Gun Trusts.

In 2012, a client came to The Wilson Law Firm, P.C. and asked us to create a gun trust. We did and now he is the proud owner of a several suppressers. That firm later took the trust document they created for him, modified it and created a separate business, (Note: is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.) 

We’re glad you’ve found our site! We just wanted to let you know that since we are both in Georgia (Google told us) you can certainly trust us to make you an ATF-ready legal document.

This page isn’t linked to from anywhere on the site; we just wanted to tell you before you explored the whole site. As a matter of fact: to help out our fellow neighbors, we’ve set up a special offer, only valid for Georgia trusts.  Enter “georgia” at checkout for $15 off.

Our Gun Trust is valid in all 50 states, (see the F.A.Qs. for more detail), but the very first draft was hand written in Dunwoody, GA.

Furthermore, while most internet sites cannot give legal advice – because one must be barred in the state to give legal advice- most of the people on staff at are barred in Georgia. Thus, you know you are in good hands regarding post-sale questions and customer service. (Just remind us you are in Georgia when you call/email.)

Join the hundreds who trusted us to create their BATFE-Approved Gun Trust


Lastly, if you would prefer to come to the office and meet face to face with a Georgia Lawyer – we’d be happy to have you.  Just call (404) 364-2245, ask for Matt,  and we’ll take care of you.

To Recap:

  • The gun trust we sell is valid in all 50 states, but it was made by local Georgia Attorneys.
  • Use coupon code “georgia” at checkout for $15 off.
  • We’ve helped 100s of people set up gun trusts to legally and safely purchase and protect Title II firearm – please browse our site and learn as much as you can.


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