What You Get

You’ll get three things:

  1. The Trust itself.
  2. A detailed Instruction Document, with instructions about validating, opening a bank account, and filling out a Form-4.
  3. A form to make any changes to the trust you want. This is in Microsoft Word Format, so it can be modified and used as many times as you want.

Many people ask what they’ll get from us. Rather than wait and see, below is the exact email we send you after you purchase one of our forms.

Click this link to see a summary of the trust itself. 


Thank you for purchasing an NFAFirearmsTrust.com form. It is attached to this email. Please look it over, if you made any errors inputting information, we will be happy to fix it for you free of charge.

Also, we will gladly make any changes to the trust free of charge. We cannot give you legal advice, but if you would like certain language changed, or additional language added, we can make those changes for you if you provide the exact language and specific instructions.

This website is not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.  This email is not legal advice. Nothing on this website creates an attorney-client privilege. If you have any hesitation about what to do now, you should contact an attorney in your state. This is similar to buying a legal form-book in a book store, except we only sell one form. If you are not certain on how to use this form, contact a lawyer in your state and/or request a refund.

This website sells a form that you populate with your information. While we provide general information and instructions, it is up to you to determine how to comply with your state’s laws and your situation. Your state’s laws may differ from the information we provide.  If you have questions about the laws governing your situation, either consult a lawyer in your state or look under your state on this website. If you determine this trust document is not suitable for you, we will gladly abide by our refund policy.

There are three attachments to this email:

    1. The trust form, populated with your information; (Click here to see a summary.)
    2. A Word document you may use as a template to make amendments to the trust;
    3. A PDF containing instructions and other useful information. (This is copied onto this webpage below, so keep scrolling to read it. )

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you and have a great day,

~ The NFAFirearmsTrust.com team.

[That’s the end of the email.]


NFAFirearmsTrust.com Instructions and Useful Information.

This document has four sections:

  1. Instructions for validating the trust; 
  2. Instructions for opening a bank account on behalf of the trust; and 
  3. Basic guidance for completing an ATF Form 4. 
  4. Instructions for amending the Trust.

1) Validating the Trust.

This is actually very simple. You simply need to have it signed by the grantor and the
trustees before a notary public and two witnesses.

Detailed Steps:

1) Read over the trust to make sure you did not make an error inputting information. 

2) Print several copies. (We recommend at least one per trustee, including the grantor.)

3) Do not sign it yet. You must sign it before a notary public and witnesses. This means you cannot sign it at home and later go before a notary.

4) Make plans for all of the trustees to get together at one time before a notary. Note: If this is not possible, see below.

5) Follow your plans in the previous step. Go together before a notary and two witnesses and sign all the copies you printed in Step 2. Signatures go on page 7, on the line next to the word  “(SEAL)”. Make sure the witnesses sign at this time as well. Your state may require that the witnesses are “disinterested”, so you should not allow trustees to witness each others’ signatures.

6) Give a copy to each trustee with instructions to store in a safe place.

That’s all. The trust is now created. There is no need to file it with any governmental  entity or office. Keep it in a safe place.



Note 1: Trusts where the grantor transfers Real Property (i.e. land) to the trust do require filing a deed, but this likely does not apply here. If you attempted to transfer Real Property (i.e. land) to this trust, contact us and we’ll provide further instruction.

Note 2: If it is impractical or impossible for everyone to be together, trustees may sign before separate notaries on separate occasions. Have some sign and notarize, them mail it to the others for them to do the same.


2) Opening a bank account on behalf of the trust. (Optional, but recommended.)

In order to open a bank account, you need an EIN for the trust. An EIN is a tax identification number for entities and individuals who need to pay U.S. taxes, but do not have a social security number for whatever reason. (Non-U.S. citizens or corporations for example.)

You can do this online here for free:


Be wary of other sites that offer EIN services for a fee. You can do this on the  official irs.gov page free of charge.

The IRS will provide a letter containing the EIN for the Trust. Take this letter to a bank and open an account.


3) Some guidance on filling out the ATF Form 4 on behalf of the Trust.

1) Obtain the ATF Form 4 (5320.4) (Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of
Firearm) from your dealer in duplicate. Some information should be pre-filled by your dealer, such as the dealer’s name and address, the model of the silencer (or item) you are purchasing, the overall length of the silencer (or item, if applicable), the caliber of the silencer, (or item, if applicable), the serial number of the item, and the manufacturer’s information. Make sure the dealer signs the appropriate fields. Remember to complete all information in duplicate.

2) Fill out the required information on the front of the form, including the name of your trust (not your own name) and address. Complete the back by answering the questions and stating the reason you are acquiring the silencer or item. (Remember to print the name of your trust, not your own name, in section 15). Sign and date the back. Remember to complete all information in duplicate.

3) Place both completed copies of Form 4, and a check or money order (payable to Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) for $200.00 in an envelope, along with a copy of
your Trust paperwork, and mail to the address listed on Form 4. The check should come from the Trust’s bank account, which is why the trust is funded with “$200.00 in United States currency”. Many advise that you use a check and not a money order so you can see when the ATF cashes your check. This is a great way to confirm if the form actually arrived and is being processed. It takes two to six months. List the serial number of the item the tax is for on the Memo line.

4) After the ATF approves Form 4, they will put a stamp on one of the two copies you sent them and then send it to the dealer where you purchased the silencer. The dealer will then notify you that the paperwork has returned and that the silencer (or item) is ready to pick up.
5) There is no need to update the “Schedule” on this trust. The schedule only lists things that
were initially put into the trust. For example, imagine another trust, where the trustee bought and sold stocks on the stock market, in an effort to grow the trust’s assets. There is no need for that trustee to constantly update that trust’s schedule to reflect the current portfolio of stocks. The same is true here.


Things trustees must carry while using or possessing the Title II item:

1) The trust documents and, 2) the tax stamp.

The tax stamp will show that the ATF approved the trust, and the trust paperwork will show that the trustee is a trustee of the approved trust.

4) Making amendments to the Trust.

Pursuant to Paragraph 2 of the trust, the grantor may make changes to the trust.
Paragraph 2 states in relevant part:

“Grantor hereby reserves the right to amend, revoke, alter, modify or otherwise change this trust in whole or in part at any time and from time to time by written instrument signed by the grantor and delivered to the Trustees…”

For your convenience, we created and attached a Word document or “.doc” file that you can use as a guide when making such written instruments. Modify the Word document so that it describes the change, print and sign it and give it to the other trustees. Keep the amendment with the trust documents.

Neither this nor anything on our website is legal advice or a substitute for legal service, or advice of an attorney. You purchased this form to be used at your own direction. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney in your state.

Nothing herein creates the attorney-client privilege.

[That’s the end of the instructions.]


Remember: Click this link to see a summary of the trust itself. 

Also remember: We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you can see, review, and read the entire document before you decide if it is right for you.

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